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Maryland Estate and Trust Administration

When a loved one dies, it is important to obtain early advice on handling the probate and non-probate estate. Time frames are critical in locating information concerning your loved one’s assets, protecting those assets, deciding if any assets should be disclaimed, and if bills should be paid.

Our Firm can assist you as the Personal Representative of the estate, or as a beneficiary/heir of the estate.

The Personal Representative is the individual responsible for identifying the probate assets (those in the sole name of the decedent), filing the necessary forms with the Register of Wills, having the required tax returns prepared, paying the administration expenses, valid creditor claims, and taxes (if any) from the estate assets, liquidating the assets to be sold, and distributing the remaining assets to the proper beneficiaries under the Last Will and Testament, if there is a Will. Or, if your loved one did not have a Will, then to their legal heirs under the Maryland Intestacy Laws.

Whether you want assistance with every stage of the estate administration process or only certain steps, we are here to assist.  Please call us if you need guidance. We stand ready to help.


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